Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Parody of Kitsch

Ni Tsai Chin (倪再沁) and exhibition at 
Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Dec 2010.

I saw this exhibition by Ni Tsai Chin at the MOCA Taipei, Taiwan in Dec, 2010.  Ni went great lengths to parody on contemporary artists by making four large sculptures.  In doing so, he managed to make himself famous just like the artists he intended to criticize.  Judge for yourself if the works are inspiring parody, media hype, recycled attempt in art or simply trash.

A work (name untraecable) from Ni's Mediaholic series.

Two works (front and back, names untraceable) 
from Ni's Mediaholic series.

Puppy by Jeff Koons in 1992 and subsequently bought by Guggenheim Foundation for Bilbao in 1997. 

Balloon Animal by Koons in Versailles, 2008

Ni Tsai Chin (倪再沁), media happy.  

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