Thursday, 16 December 2010

Understated Interiors of Sydney Opera House

few interiors of the famous building, not often publicized, are posted below for sharing.  The authority has planned to re-model the concert hall in 2011 according to the unfinished sketches by the architect – JΓΈrn Utzon.  Hence some of the spaces below, however successful they might have been, may disappear.

The official tour guide of the architecture, as if showing us a cathedral, was self-admittedly solemn and proud during the entirety of the tour.  Her professional attitude was impressive; yet it is somewhat dangerous to treat a civic building with the highest of esteem as this national monument.  Governments around the world would spend fortunes to commission expensive and high profiled buildings with the aim to boost national images, some subtle whilst others more blatant.  Examples are plentiful, Paris under Mitterrand, Dubai cityscape, Beijing Olympics 2008, to name but a few.

Steps connecting various performance spaces reminiscent of winding Medieval streets.

Access to the concert hall with glimpses of the harbour.

Concert hall to be re-modelled according to the
original sketches by Utzon. 

Cavernous passageway with the famous concrete
shell structures above.

Strategically glazed pre-concerte area capturing
the harbour view at sunset.


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