Saturday, 3 May 2014

Experience Art in the Process of Participation


An observation from Tim’s Vermeer – a documentary film shown at the 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival, 2014.

Tim Jenison re-produced The Music Lesson with pleasure as much as pain. David Hockney played a part in this experiment of camera obscura.

體驗藝術在參與過程裡                〈中文翻譯〉

2014年第38屆香港國際電影節《秘製維梅爾》的觀後感 - 此紀錄片圍繞著添.謝里遜重繪〈音樂課〉過程中之苦與樂。畫家大衛.凱尼在這個照相暗盒的實驗裡亦擔當部份角色

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