Sunday, 31 May 2015

Watch out, Invader


Space invaders in LED flashes.

Crowd pulling exhibition on a Sunday.

Many of Invader’s works were removed by the Highways Department in 2014 –
hence the exhibition title: ‘Wipe Out".

Inside a display case is a photograph of Invader sat shoulder to shoulder with the diseased King Kowloon (local graffiti writer) in 2001.

Homage to King Kowloon at the foreground.

Invader’s work in 2015.

Another one – quite missable to unaware public.

Invader has entered Hong Kong again. This time he lands with a much bigger bang, showing his works at PMQ under the sponsorship of the French Consulate. Tampering with straight anonymity that characterizes graffiti artists, he teases with the public (and his own ego) by wearing masks or appearing on photos under pixelated effects. His quasi-collaboration with authorities in participating in this solo event also stretches the boundary of graffiti art. The word “graffiti” is never mentioned in this gentrified setting.  In the minefield of audience-building, there lies fame on one side and betrayal of fellow comrades on the other. 


Wipe Out – Invader in Hong Kong

2-17, May, 2015 at PMQ, Hong Kong


當心 ,侵略者

<侵略者>又重返香港了. 這次的來襲更轟動,他的作品得以在PMQ展出並由法國領事館資助. 在公開場合, 他均帶上面罩或在照片上打格, 認同塗鴉藝術家的匿名作風, 玩弄神祕感之餘亦險墜入自我膨脹之虞. 今番他與不少官方團體合辦個展也拉闊了塗鴉藝術的界線. <塗鴉>二字在這個優雅的場中不曾出現. 在建立觀眾為目標的地雷陣裡, 除了名利以外卻暗藏著同儕的背棄.









Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Morellet or a Turrell?

On an unremarkable day before noon, I happened to find slashes of rainbow on the pavement. It is a daily intervention, sneaking in and out effortlessly. Is there an audience for sights with no museum walls?
The pavement at Landmark, Queen’s Road Central.

The other side.

Bands of prism formed by triangular edges of glass that elicit light streaks on ground.



Morellet 還是 Turrell 的作品?