Thursday, 19 June 2014


virtues, deadly sins or pure medicines

Erotic Paradise – No.1 Enjoyment
‘No one knows what you are doing, 
but you should trust and cherish in company.’

Erotic Paradise – No.2 Self-immolation
‘Self-protection can never fulfil yourself. In order to give, 
you should be ready to sacrifice.’

Erotic Paradise – No.3 Drafting
‘You have no abode when travelling. You should make friends to call 
everywhere your home and everyone your wife.’

Erotic Paradise – No.4 Radicalism
‘Exiled with no support, all your efforts are in vain. But be prepared 
for struggles any moment.’

Erotic Paradise – No.5 Stinginess
‘Spiritual sharing is difficult, and physical sharing is dangerous. 
You should learn to be alone and enjoy yourself.’

Erotic Paradise – No.6 Misdeeds
'Being unloved is the biggest stigma and suffering. But the pain of love 
is sweeter than all other joy.’

Erotic Paradise – No.7 Hypocrisy
‘Don’t be scared of your desires. The truths for life lie in kindness and positive steps towards their realization.’

Traditional mimeographs on cotton papers by Hou Chin-ming, 1992.

Joint exhibition under the title of
Ten Million Rooms of Yearning. Sex in Hong Kong
10-25 May, 2014 at Sheung Wan Civic Centre

(Seven mimeographs are exhibited instead of eight in total;
English translation slightly modified by Sundial)

The above male assertions may be seen as partial and incomplete 
counterpoints to






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